GDM-background image

Hi, so is it posible to change background image for my Login(on boot), it’s only ugly grey color…

I found this, and it working, but problem is that I use 2 monitors, so when I put normal resolution for image(FHD) it don’t make same image on both monitors, only put half of image on first monitor and half of image on second monitor, and the other halfs(left side of laptop and right side of external) are still grey…

I could give resolution double size, but than it won’t work well when I unplug external monitor and image would be streched…

Is it simply problem in GDM or Gnome? If I install SDDM or LightDM would it be easier to change it?
I know that with Plasma it was very simple to change look and background on login, but as I said before, not sure is that because of DE or DM?

If you install loginized (AUR) it is the easiest way to change the background in GDM.


Loginized is indeed a great option.

I always used this one:

But loginized has more options to offer.

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Thanks guys, exactly what I was looking for :smiley: