G'day from DownUnder

G’day, I am wizardfromoz, mortal alias is Chris Turner.

You can call me Chris, Wizard, Wiz, anything but late for dinner.

Been using Endeavour since last March I think, and I enjoy it, along with another 8 or 9 Arch-based distros.

You see I run 70 Linux on this Dell rig.

I am retired from work life, but devote most of my spare time as an Administrator over at linux dot org, where I help out with the knowledge I have accumulated from multi-multi-booting for over 7 years of my 11 years with Linux.

It is there that I met Joe K this morning my time, when he swung through our place on other business.

He said I would be welcome here … so when is someone buying me a steak and a beer?

Cheers and I’ll see you soon, I hope.



Welcome to the purple side of Linux :enos_flag:

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frog_upside_down ¡SOɹnoʌɐǝpuƎ oʇ ǝɯoɔlǝʍ 'puǝᴉɹɟ ollǝH


Welcome, Master Wizard. You’re just in time.

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Welcome :wave: :wave:

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Welcome to the forum @wizardfromoz :tada::balloon::partying_face:

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About that steak dinner…as long as you don’t mind it being a skirt steak set to medium rare and being paired with a giant mug of Fosters!

…hears laughing in the distance

Did anyone else hear that? Anyways, I’ll get the grill going! Now I don’t drink, which means plenty more Fosters for you!

…hears laughing again…

Hmm I must be hearing things. Anyways, welcome to the forums!

(side note: for those unaware, Fosters is notorious for being one of Australians least favorite beers :wink: ; source: every Aussie I know!)

G’day mate nice to have you here on the purple side. :enos_flag:

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Welcome to the forum @wizardfromoz . Forget the Fosters mate. I’m guessing Tooheys or VB might hit the spot a bit better? :grin:

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G’day to you and welcome!
@Scotty_Trees used to love Foster even if I know is not a great beer!

…and now I hear laughing too in the distance…


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What a wonderfully warm welcome to greet me on my first coffee of the day. Thank you ever so much. The beer is actually a home brew, I have been brewing it for 27 years … should be ready soon? I won’t make promises I can’t keep, given my commitments elsewhere the last 4.5 years and ongoing, but I hope to be around enough that you don’t forget me. I’ll be the upside down emoji for DownUnder. Standing on our heads is good for the blood feeding the brain. Cheers.

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Kia Ora from across the ditch!

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welcome to Endeavouros forum :enos_flag:

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:cut_of_meat: :beer:
bon appetite!

And welcome to the magical purple wonderland :enos:
The land where steaks and beer float weightlessly through space and time

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Welcome to the community :beers:

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Ta, man from the Land of the Long White Cloud :laughing:

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Good day fellow Aussie

G’day to you too, I am from Border Country south-east Sunshine State. Avagudweegend.

I’m avinagudweegend here is Brissie, south-east Sunshine State.
Good to know you’re on board the EndeavourOS sailing ship … or rocket ship … or OS! :grinning:
Hope you avagudweegend too, with maybe a XXXX beer or, for me, home brew at my bro’s :smile:

Hehe I’m from the north coast of NSW! Back in the days full of hippies and long boarder. Now full of Hemworth and Millionaires