Gcc compiler from yay

Few days ago, I updated as usual and there was available a yay update for the gcc compiler.
It takes very long time (more than two hours). While compiling, multiple “failed” came out but while it was still compiling, I had the necessity to plug-out the monitor to plug it to another device; than I switched to my pc again. After this, terminal was still opened (there was a little dot near the icon on the dock) but no windows of it was on screen. I kept on it for along but then I turned off the pc.
Now, I would know if there’s a way to check if the compiler has been installed in the correct way (I don’t think so) or if I have to reinstall it.
Any suggestion?
Thanks in advance

Just install the base-devel package via pacman or yay. It the easiest way, as that package already contains gcc, which can also be installed selectively with pacman, and doesnt need to be built.