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I have setup the Nvidia driver and got a steering wheel going but the game is as bad as it is in Windows before I tweak it with Nvidia Profile Inspector. Is there a similar tool for Linux?

What specs do you have?
If it is a laptop, do you run in hybrid or performance mode?
Also, I don’t think there is a program similar to Nvidia profile inspector in Linux. There is also “gamingwithenvy” but it’s a tool used for overclocking, I think.

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It’s a desktop but it is the game that is the problem, Eurotruck Simulator 2, the anti-aliasing is bad and everything flickers with an Nvidia card. In windows there are whole tutorials to fix it. Never mind, just another reason to never buy Nvidia again.

  1. What exactly flickers?
  2. You can easily use another methods for AA outside of game:
    • Nvidia rule for FXAA which in most case is good enough and won’t cost anything
    • Force SMAA with ReShade

Are you playing native version?
Usually i always advice against it, coz experience may and will vary with time.

A lot of people advice to use Wine + dxvk instead of native here as well for that game:

I tried the Proton version I will try the Wine way and see if it is better. I have used re-shade on windows so maybe that will translate to linux too.

Not maybe, it certainly works :upside_down_face:

Not sure about difference between Proton / Wine coz technically it’s same except engine, to save time you can try with GloriousEggroll / TKG engine instead of default Proton, see here if you doubt how