Gamescope with NVIDIA

Hi all,

I do some gaming on EOS KDE 6. Usually games run perfectly fine but there are some games, that just want to have mood swings, especially when doing ALT+TAB’ing or if a game uses extra DRMs, like EA App then I can’t open Steam Overlay.

I read that gamescope can help a lot with these issues, so I thought I will try it. “yay -S gamescope”.

One of my steam games, that uses EA app is Jedi Survivor and if without gamescope the game will turn on but forget about using steam overlay, it just does not work. I was fine without it, I thought I will keep ATL+TAB’ing if I need to search for something on the web. But eventually I noticed that ALT+TAB will eventually freeze the game and crash together with steam.

So I tried to use gamescope and I already noticed that steam overlay works but the game freezes. I tried to launch the game via gamescope as borderless and this time the game seems to run but borderless does not cover my entire screen so that’s no good.

All this I did on x11. I tried using Wayland and just black screen when launching the game.

Do any of you have any success with gamescope on NVIDIA?

I don’t use gamescope at all because I haven’t noticed any of my games (incl. Days Gone, Cyberpunk 2077, Ghostrunner, Hitman, etc.) having any performance issues, unless I’m playing for like 4+ hours straight.

For Alt+Tab, I instead open Steam and my games on another workspace and switch to the workspace. With this method, games don’t freeze so long as I pause the game first.

Never used Steam overlay, so don’t know if that would cause issues for me.

PS: Nvidia + Intel here. Same results on KDE5, Cinnamon, XFCE, and a few WMs.

Thanks for the reply. I have been playing many games on linux for sometime now and encountered coupled of games that are more “sensitive” so I thought to find a solution. Thanks for the info about switching workplaces method I will see how this works for me. :smiley:

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I tend to use gamescope on older games for scaling from time to time.
Otherwise it sounds like gamescope is still borked on nvidia drivers above 530/wayland, been since December or so.
There was a workaround on gamescope’s github which probably still works.

Well it seems I should wait. it’s not so important to right now since I don’t need it for all my games. Ofcourse it would be a neat tool to have since it does have certain benefits, so I hope gamescope will work well at some point on NVIDIA GPUs.