Games weirdly span over 2 screens

hello everyone, im trying to play games from steam but i have problem which i cannot find solution for it.
when i had just one screen MSI MAG341CQ everything was perfect,but i added a second screen below the first one ,its a Acer PM161Q A ,portable one,things started be funny .just when try play games,otherwise no problems at all. when started ,game takes both screens,going even beside frame of the physical screens,completely not playable. before i start with steam,i followed dicovery.endevouros for driver,vulcan and all fun stuff there w/o problems with installation. nvidia drivers loaded(rtx3060 gpu),vulcan loaded all looks works fine except screens. when i had mx linux with same setup,games showed up on bigger screen not affected 2nd one,but most of them wasn’t run :slight_smile: did anyone here have similar issue? any solution? thx in advance.