Games stuck at low FPS with kernel 6.4+

Log pastebin (inxi, X errors, Xorg log, Pacman config):

AMD CPU/GPU, KDE. Issue has been happening since kernel 6.4+. I hadn’t reported yet because I figured it was a kernel thing since downgrading to 6.3.9 fixes everything, but as time has gone on with no fix I actually tested things a bit more.

So, in games where I’d normally be getting 60 to 120 FPS I’m getting more like 16-30. It appears to be only 3D-rendered games running in Proton. However, changing Proton versions does nothing, nor does switching between amdvlk and vulkan-radeon for Vulkan. Starting in X11 or Wayland has no effect either, nor does using linux or linux-zen. Again, downgrading the kernel to 6.3.9 fixes everything without having to make any other changes.

I’m pretty stumped, but am not so knowledgeable that I’m not just missing something glaringly obvious, and I would appreciate any and all help. Thanks!

Update: I have technically resolved the problem(?). Reinstalling xf86-video-amdgpu, mesa, and amdvlk fixed something, so things are running normally when I use the regular kernel, but zen still has the same performance degradation as of 6.4.9 (another log pastebin here ).

I’m still left scratching my head, but maybe this’ll be relevant to someone somewhere somewhen. /shrug

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