Galileo resume from hibernation not working

Today I installed Galileo with encrypted swap. I do have resume.conf with resume module, resume= parameter on kernel command line, swap in /etc/fstab with UUID, everything just from the installation. But when I issue systemctl hibernate, it hibernates but upon powering machine up the system starts normally :frowning:

Can we see your full kernel command line?

Don’t forget, until dracut 060 comes out there is a new service file which must be included in the initramfs. See here:

So the full resume conf should look like this:

add_dracutmodules+=" resume "
install_items+=" /usr/lib/systemd/system/systemd-hibernate-resume.service "

After you add the service file you will need to rebuild the initramfs.

sudo dracut-rebuild

The line was missing, but it didn’t help.

initrd=\3888aa288dba47c38044dce701039c96\6.1.69-1-lts\initrd nvme_load=YES nowatchdog rw root=ZFS=zpeosroot/ROOT/eos/root rd.luks.uuid=545dd770-7b0b-46ce-9289-920ad8aa7339 resume=/dev/mapper/luks-545dd770-7b0b-46ce-9289-920ad8aa7339 systemd.machine_id=3888aa288dba47c38044dce701039c96


luks-9c47259d-9b03-423e-8eca-d429fda4b37b UUID=9c47259d-9b03-423e-8eca-d429fda4b37b     none 
luks-545dd770-7b0b-46ce-9289-920ad8aa7339 UUID=545dd770-7b0b-46ce-9289-920ad8aa7339     none 


UUID=F481-2173                            /efi           vfat    fmask=0137,dmask=0027 0 2
/dev/mapper/luks-9c47259d-9b03-423e-8eca-d429fda4b37b /boot          ext4    noatime    0 2
/dev/mapper/luks-545dd770-7b0b-46ce-9289-920ad8aa7339 swap           swap    defaults   0 0

I tried that again and now it works. No configuration changes. WTF…

That looks fine. I suspect it was the issue that @BluishHumility identified with systemd 255.

In addition to regenerating the initramfs, you would need to reboot to start using the new image with the additional module in it.

Sounds like it’s working now, glad to hear it. :+1:

I did, but the first reboot didn’t help…

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