Galileo release -- what are the major changes?

I have an installation of E-OS which is around 15 months old, and I noticed during a recent install of Cassini Nova R3 on another system that there were quite substantial changes – The grub theme was already gone for a while, but now grub itself got replaced by systemd-boot, and dracut is resposible for handling the initrd stuff.

I am curious now. Is there a roadmap which lays out the proposed changes for Galileo release in terms of default software, DE, and settings? Maybe even for further down the road (switch to Wayland or whatever)?

Cassini had some major changes in it. I wouldn’t expect most releases to have changes that substantial. :sweat_smile:

The only thing we have put forth at this point is our consideration to switch the DE used in the live session and offline installs to KDE/plasma.

We don’t generally produce a forward-looking roadmap. However, we also don’t hide our changes so you can pretty easily see the current state of included software by looking in github here and here.

As it relates to Wayland specifically, we generally are following upstream defaults. So when the upstream default becomes Wayland, the same will happen for EOS. For example, if you install Gnome, you get Wayland by default. When the upstream default for plasma switches to be Wayland that will likely happen here as well. This is currently expected to happen with plasma 6.


Thanks, excellent reply which leaves no questions open.

Also a huge thumbs-up and support for the planned switch to KDE/Plasma, which is my go-to install for new installations.


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