Galileo release iso doesn't boot or mount

Hey there,
I just decided to install EnOS on a machine I had lying around, but there is one big issue: The ISO does not boot, whatever I do.

I flashed it with dd with the recommended arguments, but the usb drive does not mount, and neither can I open the ISO to inspect its contents. The checksum is correct however.

Any idea what’s wrong? I’m genuinely stumped. I haven’t even found a way to boot this ISO, and I want to finish this installation at last.

Note: Ventoy does not work for my use case so I’ll have to stick to direct flashing

Edit: I just checked the drive with gparted - and it sais unallocated?? Furthermore there is a warning, stating that the disk label is unrecognized. Something is super broken about my iso.

Why does Ventoy not work? I had the same problem and Ventoy is the only solution by using GPT partition table instead of MBR.

this looks more like a worn out usb stick to me?
Do you check the usb drive ?

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This is the only other explanation other than legacy boot not being supported by the BIOS, similarly to my system.

yes some systems simply have issues with hybrid ISOs.

Now wondering what will your system do if i build ISO without the legacy syslinux boot option…
bootmodes=('bios.syslinux.mbr' 'bios.syslinux.eltorito' 'uefi-x64.systemd-boot.esp' 'uefi-x64.systemd-boot.eltorito')
with systemd-boot only…

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Try another USB ports, they (sometimes) are not equal.

Macs are stupid. Don’t ask me…

The image hosted on moson turned out to be broken

macs do support it

Not sure, but right now the only Linux ISO that boots directly without Ventoy GPT partition is Fedora and Ubuntu. They are building their ISO’s differently than all the other Linux distros. Would love to see EndeavourOS adopt the same protocol, whatever it is, in a future ISO.

My experience when using Ventoy on Mac is to select “grub” rather than “normal” when choosing the distro. Did you try grub mode?

Ventoy is using grub afaik. After it tried to boot any ISO (which also had their own grub menus) the screen just turned black and I ended up with a gray cursor in the corner of the screen of afrozen system

i will check this…

if Macs are stupid . i guess you no mind post what mac you try on … :pray:

mac mini, but it’s all the same with somewhat recent intel macs.

Now I Just have to figure out the thunderbolt display brightness controls…

year pls

appears to be late 2012, at least going off the IFixit guide that I used to swap out the HDD for an SSD.

But again, I think they all behave similarly, since it’s Apple.

late 2012 nice, linux run great on it . Kind you share info Thank you


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