Galileo Neo with Kernel 6.7.1, Plasma offline and Calamares fixes

A new kernel arrived, so it was time to refresh our Galileo ISO with Galileo Neo version 2024-01-25. Like previous Neo releases, this release doesn’t bring new features but the necessary fixes and core package updates for both the ISO and the offline KDE Plasma option. To avoid misunderstanding, this release doesn’t affect running systems, if you regularly have updated your system, the core updates are already there. The fixes described in this announcement are improvements for the ISO and the installation process.

Galileo Neo fixes

The Galileo Neo ISO ships with:

  • Linux kernel 6.7.1.arch1-1
  • Calamares
  • Firefox 122.0-1
  • Mesa 1:23.3.3-1
  • Xorg-server 21.1.11-1
  • Nvidia-dkms 545.29.1.06-1

Fixed bug list:

  • Several fixes for the Bash script caused issues running Wayland sessions when the KDE Plasma offline installation option was selected.

  • We fixed the issue that caused annoying effects and composition on the Plasma Live Environment with machines running legacy Intel graphics.

  • The r8168-lts package is now automatically installed when the Linux kernel LTS is selected in Calamares.

  • Resolved the issue for the installer to fetch the old named packages when the KDE Plasma online installation option was selected.

  • When an installation error occurs, Calamares now properly unmounts the target device and can immediately be used again for another installation session, instead of rebooting the ISO to start a new session.

You can grab Galileo Neo over here.


This is also my reminder to re-apply my login splash screen since it’s set to whatever “endeavouros-wallpaper.png” is at the time. Easy way to know what EOS version I’ve rolled to.

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:finland: Galileo Neo
In Finnish. Suomeksi.




Downloaded and flashed to USB drive, just in case.


Oh good point, you never know when you might need it :wink:


Bryan et al.:

You guys do outstanding work and I’d like to thank you for all the long hours and effort you put in. EndeavourOS just works. While I have some ability to work under the hood, it’s a huge relief not having to troubleshoot every other day. I just wanna play No Man’s Sky, dammit! :smiley:

Using i3wm and have stuck with it; eventually, when Wayland + Sway are in decent shape on Nvidia, I’ll jump over.

Thank you again, Team Endeavour, and may 2024 be a good year to you!


My sentiments as well. Clean, elegant. :+1: :purple_heart:


As i do stick on i3 for very long just start working on what next with wayland situation already… sway is on top of my list indeed, others may to fancy for my workflow.


small typo on the website, Endeavouros-Galileo-Neo-2024.01.25.iso.sha512sum
the - should be a _ if its to match the downloaded sha512sum files (at least those ive tried)
and also OS not os

in short

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Thnx, I fixed it now.

still @fernandomaroto made me using the_sign instead of that-sign :wink: thats gone into my venes…


Dear EndeavourOS team,

I would like to congratulate you all on Galileo Neo release. The work you have been doing is tremendous and I hope the project continues to thrive.

There was previously announced that some developers had left the project and I was afraid the development would be abandoned. I wish I could cover most of development costs to keep EndeavourOS alive.

With that being said, I believe the community will get over the difficulties.

Thank you!


Just installed it on my laptop and are back to EndeavourOS on one of my machines


Off topic, but is there any plan to release a new ISO version after Plasma 6 rolls out?

Definitely. Although, exactly how long after plasma 6 rolls is not yet clear.



Yeah, best I can tell most widgets are still unported (or at least unupdated)

I’m sure my fresh install this evening did not include plasma 6? (Mis read title !)

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Plasma 6 hasn’t hit the main repos yet.

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I completely miss read! :person_facepalming:t3:

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