Gah. Stuck picking fonts

I am trying to refine my desktop and I have just spent two days testing fonts. Yes, I might have a problem…


Been there, done that! But now I have only a handful of fonts that I use for everything. In fact when I install a new OS one of the first things that I do is weed the available fonts to a manageable few and then add 4 or 5 in my ~/.fonts directory. I got tired of LibreOffice presenting me with a mile long list of available fonts. Intense font selection is a very lonely task. Very few if any people will appreciate the work you put into it unless you are a graphics designer. And when you get to my age, even I am scratching my head and wondering why I put so much time and effort into font selection in the distant past. My attitude has changed from searching for the Holy Grail of fonts to “it’s good enough”. :grinning:


My parents were typesetters. That’s why I’m also interested in typefaces, a little bit, but much more in grammar and orthography, German, of course.

But fonts in normal texts are only important for pleasant reading, e.g. (allegedly) with serifs on paper and without serifs on the monitor. But I myself only like sans serifs (unfortunately you cannot really change the fonts in pdf files, except hybrid files with embed .odt).

The content counts. Unfortunately, in business life with CI one is forced to html mail (and often to full quote at the bottom). That is repugnant to me. Privately I have always used pure ASCII.

…I had the “pleasure” of a skills session in junior high school setting type.

(one of numerous bygone era things I do not miss)

I use the following fonts and have done for years:

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