Full transparency on the GRUB issue - Updated 2022-08-29

Oh, thank you, thank you! :smiley:

The bug reports were a little obscure (for me). I’m getting old enough, some things are a bit fuzzy now. :smiley:


Damn. I thought it was ME for messed up with the settings. I was experimenting switching from Gnome to i3wm.

Had to reinstall using my flash drive. Oh well.


I 100% agree with @h_d33r and others that are commending the EOS folks and the wider community for the approach of this issue.

I fixed both affected systems this morning in about 60mins, following the guides linked to on the front page. I was worried I’d have to dig deep into this forum but even the EOS home page immediately pointed me in the right direction.
I really, really appreciate this.

Kudos to all involved. I love EOS, the people behind it, and the community!


How did it go with you? Installation I mean.
Hopefully you can comment on Converting to rEFInd from sytemd-boot

I prefer to get the experience of other users especially with something like this.
They say “ to boot or not to boot, this is the question”

The question is: Why is the grub package go to stable in arch?

So Arch and EOS is no stable daily driver?

I see this is a fatal mistake! I personally won’t trust Grub any more! That’s why I converted to systemd-boot and trying now to convert it to rEFInd to enjoy booting to snapshots. (my previous post)

Grub has worked for me for almost 20 years now. Before that it was LILO. (I have only been a fixed release user, with the exception of Gentoo 2011 around).

The problem is not Grub, but the release of the package. It can also change something in systemd-boot and simply be released without testing.

It shows that Arch and thus EOS is not suitable for simple users who just want to work with the computer. The Manjaro principle Arch longer to test is not bad.

In theory yes, unfortunately not in practice :pensive:


I never said Grub is a bad software! It is wonderful to be honest!
The problem is with whoever put it in the repos without enough testing. This is a fatal mistake I see.

It can happen, yes.

I agree with you. I have been there… but… well… every body here knows what comes after the “but”.

As far as I know, EOS can’t do the same… lack of manpower and money (unfortunately).

I hope you allow me to disagree with you. Let me put Arch aside as it is a bit hard to install (even for me though I been on Linux since 2000, but I am just a user)

So when it comes to an installed Arch/Rolling release derivative (especially EndeavourOS) I do not see why it does not suit “simple users”.
It is just an install it once and forget it. You never need to reinstall/upgrade, backup your data first… etc.
For me at least I prefer it this way.

Those “simple users” will have a system installed only once and don’t need to bother fter that.
They can still update the system, install common apps through “Welcome”.

Though I am not that techie… I prefer a rust my personal point of view.
EndeavourOS, I see, is the most noob, and “grandma” friendly OS out there!

Let’s not start a fundamental discussion about advantages and disadvantages from $distro.

Lets use Linux.


Because when the grub package was in testing, nobody reported this issue.

To be fair, issues like this are in no way common. I can’t think of something else like this occurring in all the time I have been using Arch-based distros. No PC OS is perfectly trouble free. Fixed release distros have also had major hiccups at times.

That being said, it is also true that an aggressively rolling distro is probably not best for “simple users who just want to work with the computer”. Not because of issues like this, but because of getting newly released applications early in their lifecycle and the complexities of managing applications in Arch’s rolling model.


Even I agree with DirtyDave’s advice not to start a fundamental distro discussion let me just say that I used Manjaro for quite a while and EOS almost for the same time and I experienced much more trouble in terms of severe issues (like system not starting anymore after an update) with Manjaro. For EOS this was the first and only time were I faced a severe issue while a I had a couple of issues like this during the time I used a Manjaro. This makes me think that EOS as an rolling release distro is much more stable as Manjaro which was actually one of the main reasons why I switched from Manjaro to EOS.


Hi. Just now when I visited the archlinux.org homepage I noticed there was another Grub update in the “Testing” Repository labeled: grub 2:2.06.r322.gd9b4638c5-3 (https://archlinux.org/packages/testing/x86_64/grub/). I hope to solve the problem. By The Way mine is not affected because the laptop is still using the MBR partition and using the Legacy BIOS.

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same for me… in all my time up from 2007 on arch Linux and arch-based installs.

And some words from my side on the issue:

The EndeavorOS team is not happy with the situation and the way it has affected our users and our community.

It happens while a server migration and me not fully back on track from the holidays.

EndeavourOS is very close to arch… we do not really want to change from that.
The setup we provide over the ISO reflects only some possible ways to set up an arch system, in this case, the problem hits us in full effect because we need to use grub for all install methods.
This is cause calamares and GUI installers, in general, are limited in some ways to implement options…
In this case, grub is the most easy-to-handle way to still be able to support older legacy Bios systems and current UEFI systems from the same ISO handled automatically.

Believe me when I say that we are working hard behind the scenes to improve the installation and also to be able to handle such problems better in the future.

I am already helped out endless users to fix the issue here in PMs and on telegram, the same counts for our community members, everyone does the best to help you and solve the error.
But you are safest in any case if you inform yourself regularly on the forum or in the chat, and the news on our website… we will provide the info as fast as we can if something needs your attention.


That update adds a post-install message to run grub-install and grub-mkconfig


:: To use the new features provided in this GRUB update, it is recommended
to install it to the MBR or UEFI. Due to potential configuration
incompatibilities, it is advised to run both, installation and generation
of configuration:

grub-install ...
grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg

that’s all that will happen inside your terminal package will be the same … same source and same buildfiles. only a rebuild

After discovering how Arch handles the grub package, I’ve migrated over to systemd-boot. I don’t typically mind the nature of how Arch handles something like the grub package; in principle I think it works fine when it comes to most software. However, for things that can prevent my system from booting, I have to take a hard pass on that. I’m thankful there are other bootloader options out there. I’m sure systemd-boot is not immune to issues, but it’s far less complex than grub so I feel I can rest easy when updating that package.

And to the EndeavourOS team, y’all deserve a medal, a hug, or a vacation (or all three!) for all the hard work y’all put forth and for helping out so much in the community.


The edited title of this thread should read “Updated 2022-08-29” not “2022-08-09” shouldn’t it @dalto ? (I lack the privileges to do it myself).

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I suppose that depends on which calendar your using. But yes, using conventional dates that is probably correct. :sweat_smile:


There are 6 different fixes for Grub issue, I disagree with a lot of you who immediately give up n switch to other solutions, I had users try reFind only to suffer other similar issues. Anyway if we gave up so easily why use Arch Based distro then ? Stick to Debian…

As for other solution just create a grub hook which will reinstall/update grub install every time there’s an update for it done deal I been using it since issue happened no problems… Anyway it’s user choice in the end…