Full Memory Usage on buff/cache

Hello All,

I recently installed EndeavourOS without an DE on my headless server. Everything is working fine, all services are up and very snappy. After one of my dist upgrades I saw that almost all my RAM is reserved in buff/cache instead on being idle.


Don’t get me wrong, the system is working as it should, no issues there, but I wanted to now, is it some kind of kernel feature?

On my laptop though (EndeavourOS - GNOME), I don’t see this kind of usage.

Do both systems have the same RAM?

Also, run yay on both.

Both the laptop and the server have 16Gb of DDR4 RAM. Both the systems have been updated today both through pacman and yay (for the AUR packages)!

I will state again that the system is working fine, but it baffles me on why so different usage…

Free RAM is wasted RAM.

Since :enos:, or any distro in general has almost nothing to do when there’s no DE installed (idle), it uses all that free RAM as cache. Obviously, it leaves some free, otherwise if you tried to load something it’d crash.

On your laptop, there’s a lot less free RAM (due to a graphical session, which could be games/videos/development etc.), so not as much ends up as buff/cache and ends up in used. Both machines are using free RAM as cache (which is great), but the server is doing it more than the laptop, since the laptop is using more memory for non-cache things.

A classic article on Linux and RAM usage:


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