Fuji XE-1: (swollen?) battery stuck

I don’t expect to get a response on a Linux forum, but it seems my Fujifilm XE-1 camera’s battery has stuck. I was shooting some pics but my battery ran out, so I used a spare I keep. It felt a bit weird to push the battery in for some reason, almost like it was being pushed in backwards (definitely wasn’t) and it worked, and it is still working, but I wanted to take the spare out to charge it. However, it seems to be jammed in the battery slot; I can’t pull it out despite opening the little orange latch. Does anyone have any tips? A cursory search indicates that this is commonly caused by swollen batteries. I was in a hurry to put the battery in so didn’t really check if it looked odd.

tweezers or a screwdriwer.

Hmm, there’s a good chance that will work but I’m not sure if I’ll puncture the battery in my clumsiness :wink:

Page 11, 12, 13.

fujifilm_xe1_manual_en.pdf (2.5 MB)

Edit: Battery has a latch that needs to pressed over to remove.

Yeah, I’m aware. I’ve had this camera for years :wink:
The trouble is that the battery doesn’t come out despite the latch being pulled back, which seems to be due to a swollen battery.

I had a similar issue with a Canon T1i … not sure how hard the battery is wedged in, but I was able to super glue a small loop of string to the bottom of the battery so I could pull it out.

It’s supposed to slide in easily. Did it swell after putting it in? I think as @MrToddarama say’s if you can somehow get a way to gently pull it out if you can get something attached to it.

This is likely a bad idea as puncturing the battery could result in a fire

This or something like it would be the best option. Some way to add surface area for you to gently pull and not risk puncturing the battery.

Thanks for the replies! I’ll try that in a while. Maybe I just inserted the battery wrong… although I highly doubt it because it all works and the indicator arrow is in the correct position.


I was able to pry it out with two kitchen knives; gave myself a little cut in the process but hey it works! Hardest part was probably keeping one of the knives away from the memory card module; luckily the way I was looking at it I could hold that one with my right hand. If you have superglue that is probably a better choice to use. I didn’t have it lying around though.

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I’d put the battery in a fireproof container if I were you…
Those ‘spicy pillows’ could potentially ignite when they swell up

Just done that. Probably not buying any more batteries from “Wacom Power”!

At least those batteries aren’t too expensive unless you buy the original fujifilm brand. There are lots of other brands that are reasonably priced and some come with chargers also. Not sure if that battery was the original?

No, the original was a Fujifilm branded one. I thought I’d save a couple bucks, but I don’t think it’s worth it for what was a $1100 camera (with lens)… The official battery also lasts far longer. I’m usually fine with battery life, I was just using the camera when it was close to dead.

I think the fuji battery here is around $98 Cdn whereas aftermarket batteries are anywhere from $14 up here.

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Off brand batteries aren’t bad if you don’t go too cheap and if you research the brand well. I got mine for about 30$ a piece and they work well and saved me about 45$ a battery.

I’ve heard good things about Watson brand batteries personally, Wasabi is hit or miss

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