Frozen timeout login screen

Just noticed that when my EndeavourOS xfce screen times out and goes to black, when I click a button to bring up the login screen, the Enter Your Password field is frozen…I cannot enter anything there. Clicking the Unlock button tells me (of course) that the password was incorrect.

(ADDED) Let me clarify. That’s at the initial login screen if I allow it to time out before logging in. This is NOT a case of already logged in and working and the screen times out (in which case it brings up a screen saver).

This same thing happened to me. I think the attached posts will help you resolve it.


Thanks for that. As is often the case in forums, it’s a little cumbersome to have to comb through the replies to find the thread that leads to a solution. But I think I got there.

However, I did not uninstall xfce4-screensaver as you say you did (and never saw how/where you did it…even when you called it “xfce4-session” :slight_smile:

But I did use the steps @joekamprad provided:

sudo pacman -S light-locker

xfconf-query -c xfce4-session -p /general/LockCommand -s "light-locker-command --lock" --create -t string

And that seems to have worked without the removal of xfce4-screensaver. I mean, the login box is now lighter (as one could have predicted [duh] and that's my assurance that something very much resembling a light-locker was indeed installed [hehehe])...and when I wait the 10 mins for it to time out and then bring the login screen back...hurrah! The password field is open and active!

Do EndeavourOS xfce users bump into this frequently? If so, a short little tutorial sticky message might be helpful.

Glad it worked for you. :smiley:

Following joekamprad’s steps over mine is always going to be a good idea.

Ooops. Look how I apparently mismanaged the quoting of that command in the slider bar. Sigh. Oh, well…at least you were able to read it and knew what part of that was me talking!

This is not a new problem. It began short after xfce 4.14 was introduced. The good old light-locker is working fine, wheras xfce4-screensaver is blocking and doesn’t respect your theme. I have deleted it and am now happy with light-locker.

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Okay, not afraid to ask…I already noted that @ramblinwreck also deleted xfce4-screensaver. And now you’ve mentioned doing that. My box now seems to be using light-locker and I could certainly leave well enough alone but, hey…why not follow through on the advice you’re given, right? I tried…

find . -name “xfce4-screensaver”

…and got nothing. Is that the correct name? Or is it hiding somewhere?

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Yes it is.

In terminal do:

yay xfce4-screensaver and it should show up with installed next to the package name.

edit forgot the 4 :crazy_face:

Ehhhh…still not terribly confident in terminal So I decided, “Hey, this is what Add/Remove Software - Installed is for!” :slight_smile:

Job done!

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Uhhh…so is it terribly annoying for me to ask the obvious question? Why is this still a problem?

devs say they will do release faster fixes and updates… but development on xfce4 is slow.

Oh, I’m fine with it. In a other forum I called it “bloat” and my post has been flagged. I deleted the word but kept my opinion. :tongue:

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