Friend pulled me into EndeavourOS, now I'm here!

I’ve distrohopped a LOT in the past few years, trying to figure out what’s right for me. I even have a bit of experience with Gentoo during the COVID lockdowns as a result now, lmao. For whatever reason I keep finding myself on Arch, maybe it’s the AUR or it’s just the distro I have the most experience with and everything else seems frustrating in comparison.

Anyhow, a friend of mine suggested I use EndeavourOS when I got a new computer (Ryzen 7950X / 7900 XT). I remember reading about it back when it launched, after Antergos announced they were retiring. I was still figuring out at that time what distro I wanted to use, so I didn’t check it out back then, and when my friend suggested EOS recently, I figured… why not? I’ve used Antergos before, I’ll give it a shot, and now I’m here.

Arch is a nice distro, but after distro-hopping so is having stuff picked for me, and Archinstall gets quite janky sometimes while I’ve had basically no issues with EOS’ Calamares-based installer. Not to mention, I’ve grown accustomed to some of EndeavourOS’ choices as well - for example, I really like firewalld over UFW now. Little things like that go a long way for the user experience. The only thing I did after an install is add Chaotic-AUR.

I use KDE Plasma btw.


Welcome to the forum @Flaky :enos: :enos_flag:

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@Flaky You didn’t choose EnOS… It chose you, :slight_smile: Welcome!

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Welcome @Flaky

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Welcome to Hoppers End, Flaky.

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Welcome @Flaky , enjoy this great community!

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Welcome! I’m sure your experience will come in handy for noobs like me :sweat_smile:

Welcome to :enos:-Forum @Flaky !

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Welcome to the forum @Flaky

Welcome :slight_smile:

Hello :wave:

Your stong hardware will surely be a lot of fun in that software freedom :penguin:

I’ll be on the lookout to read about your experimentation and discoveries :telescope:

Happy computing, :vulcan_salute:

Welcome to the forum. You have a good friend.

This is a terrible idea, in my opinion. If you spend a few minutes considering the security implications of automating the building of packages that are submitted by… well, pretty much anyone, you will probably come to that conclusion, too.

With the Chaotic-AUR, all the dangers of using 3rd party repos are present, but greatly amplified in the absence of human oversight.

Of course, it’s your computer, and it’s not my place to tell you what to do, only to warn you and anyone else reading this.

Gotcha. I am aware of the risks with using a third-party repo, used Chaotic beforehand during my Arch days, but I’ll keep this in mind!

Edit: Switched to regular AUR, but if there’s any particularly big package I might have to go for a third-party repo, if there’s no -bin or -appimage package already. (Some kernels might come under here)