Fresh install

I booted from a LIVE USB (using the Nvidia Option) and installed the OS. It was all fine. problem is on first boot after install, the system hangs. I tried Nomodeset and the system hangs after TLP !!!
By the way, I have a Vaio (all in one, i5, 8GB RAM, Nvidia 310M)

hello, you can take the first option and it will work plus you have a hybrid nvidia -intel card

Most likely a hybrid system with intel and nvidia GPU, so you need to choose the first option (default) to install, after first boot you can setup bumblebee or optimus if you want to do so.

Default will boot on open source nouveau driver (using your nvidia GPU) , or depending on your system may also on the intel chipset from CPU with intel drivers… Nvidia boot option and install from ISO do not support hybrid graphics!!

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Thanks for the fast Response!

If I try with the first/default option from the live USB, I go into a black screen and the system hangs!

it’s the first time you install linux on this pc or not

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  • Is the ISO corrupted?
  • How did you write it to USB–what application/command?


I used etcher. I don’t think it is corrupted, as I did install the full os (with nvidia option at startup). Also, the same thing occurs when I use other arch systems!
I used Ubuntu, mint, pop is, all worded fine and installed the nvidia drivers automatically.


did you disable secure boot in the bios or not

. Disabled by default anyway!

Is this an Optimus notebook? Check Bios to see if GPU can be setup there.
Something like use discrete only or opposite.