Fresh install with BTRFS, encryption and swap


I’ve been using EOS for a year and a half now on my work laptop. Since I like to experiment, there is a good amount of crap that accumulated. Anyway, I’d like to do a clean install that should meet the following requirements:

  • BTRFS with upgrade and weekly snapshots
  • Encryption. I already have this now, but for some reason it wouldn’t take into account my keymap (french keys). I’ve got used to it, but if it’s possible to properly setup a french keymap, that would be wonderful.
  • Swap. Right now I am using a swapfile, not sure if I should change it for a partition or not. Maybe I should try zram?

I am aware of this tutorial, but it seems like it’s outdated now. If I install EOS the normal way with the latest ISO, by selecting BTRFS with encryption, would that work properly? Is it reliable?

At the grub prompt? Too difficult, better get used to working around that.

My advice, just stick to a swapfile. The latest ISO will set this up for you if you wish.

Can work wonders, depending on your RAM size. Won’t hurt, so I’d recommend doing so.
[Edit] To clarify, I’d go for a swapfile and zram.

Yes; just also choose to add a swapfile.

After installation you’ll need to install a couple of things:


  1. timeshift or timeshift-bin, timeshift-autosnap, grub-btrfs

yay -S timeshift-bin timeshift-autosnap grub-btrfs --needed

After installation, set up Timeshift and you’re good to go.


  1. snapper, btrfs-assistant, snap-pac, grub-btrfs

yay -S snapper snap-pac btrfs-assistant btrfs-grub --needed

After installation, set up Snapper with the help of “Btrfs Assistant” and you’re good to go.


Thank you for the clarification! :blush:

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