Fresh install unable to boot

Using latest ISO, booted to live env, let Calamares install alongside Windows, chose gnome, let the installer download and install packages, and rebooted when prompted. On boot, I get to the boot manager and select EOS, then just a couple lines appear briefly, then screen goes blank, then resumes with just a blinking underscore in the upper left corner, with no activity.

5600x, 6800XT, 16GB RAM, NVME drive.

can you reach cli login prompt by pressing [Ctrl+alt+F3] ?

Did you disable secure boot and csm in bios?

secure boot and csm are disabled.
edit: somehow secure boot was enabled afterall, I thought I disabled it. Toggling it to disabled doesn’t fix the issue unfortunately

ctrl+alt+f2 followed by ctrl+alt+f1 allows me to get into the desktop, but this issue persists after reboot :thinking:

IF you haven’t done any changes, and now secure boot is off, I woud suggest just taking the 12 or so minutes and do a reinstall. Seems easiest, to be honest.

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Sure, I will try later on today and report back

sounds like the common “systemd vs. graphic driver” issue. here you will find some solutions:


I think this is it.
Reinstalling after making sure secure boot was disabled - still same problem. Will use link above, thank you