Fresh install - desktop not loading

Done a fresh install from a live usb.
Everything seems to have gone fine during installation.
Reboot and I am now looking at a screen saying
Arch Linux 5.16.2-arch1-1 (tty1)
User-name login: _

I can log in to the system but there is no normal desktop only terminal prompt

Any suggestions on what to do
Thank you

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Sounds like you forgot to select a desktop/WM. That sounds like a base Arch linux installation.

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Coming to think of it, I chose for the online installation and coming to think of it the installer said I was of line - which I thought was an installer mistake because the machine was on line (I did made some donation to EOS)
Any how - is it a question of re installing or is there a way to add the DE on the base Arch ??
Thank you

Selecting a Display Manager, may have to do with your Display Environment or Window Manager you are using. SDDM is easy, LightDM is… light and needs a greeter.

  • Log in the console/TTY (black screen) with your credentials (username/password).
  • Update your system and add sddm or lightdm lightdm-gtk-greeter
sudo pacman -Syu sddm

If there are no significant errors, enable and start sddm.

sudo systemctl enable --now sddm

Read more about how to configure it.

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Thank you very much.

we do work on a way to omit that users do not tag DE/WM on installs, as there is none selected per default, only if you choose offline install it will install the one used also on the ISO (XFCE4).

The next release will solve this inconvenience.

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The problem was the fact that I was connected to the internet but calamaras didn’t see that.

Indeed it would be better if when calamara thinks client is off line then install the default DE.

thank you

calamares only does a simple network connectivity check.
But if no internet is connected online install will not be possible, you will get a notification and you can to proceed with install: