Freeze htop for ease of reading the detail and kill app issue

I notice “keepass” package freeze on me everytime i press middle mouse button on it. The way it freezes is by dissappearing the window of keepass, but left the tray icon there. Right click on the tray icon, a menu window appears with everything greyed out. I can’t open new instance of keepass when it is not closed.
I did tried
1.Kill windows , but since no window appears, hence not usable,.
2. $ps -u myname
and $ ps -e | grep keepass
the keepass name does not even appears in the list.
3. $pgrep is of no use at all
4. htop… yes this one can kill it.

I am just want to know, that’s the only choice to kill keepass phantom on tray icon bar ?

It is difficult to use htop, because it just keep bouncing here and there. when i “searched” keepass, i want to read the detail on it, but it just keep bouncing and bouncing and loss the keepass highlight… have to redo “search”.
Is there no way to “freeze” htop so that i can read peacefully without bouncing away ?

Also why keepass PID does not exist on $ps and $pgrep and $pidof keepass?


For Q2: I would try sorting htop by something else (I think it sorts by cpu % as default). I know you can do it by memory % and lots of other things, which should be more “stable”.

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If you can’t get a read on the ID and need to kill the process - I generally don’t use PID when killing a process because of the top output shuffling. I use a pkill -f [name]

It doesn’t need to be exact, so you can do a partial so long as it’s unique enough to your program you are trying to nuke. I’m sure there is a better more elegant way of handling it though.

use F4 - Filter and write ‘keepass’
you will be presented with only the processes matching your search, nothing jumps there.
then F9 brings up the whole arsenal for killing the app. you can choose how you want it to die.


For q2, you can use -d flag while launching htop to increase the update time.

Quoting from the manpage:

-d --delay=DELAY
    Delay between updates, in tenths of seconds 

Thanks. Good one.
I use $htop -d 12 to make it refresh at 2 second per change

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