Freenode / Liberachat

Given recent events at Freenode - are there any plans to transition to Liberachat. It looks like every channel I was a member of at Freenode has seen a mass exodus, - including some key development groups.

Interested to see if there are any thoughts around whether we maintain the Freenode channel (which is painfully quiet at the best of times despite a high volume of residents) or switch over.


It’s mainly up to Ringo, and I don’t think he is in any rush to make a change.

Uau, this is strong…


Turns out it’s fake. :roll_eyes:


Just created my account in Liberachat…

Everything you need to know can be found here:

Steps I took:

  • Added the Liberachat TLS servers to my Hexchat
  • Register your nickname
  • Confirm registration through e-mail
  • Configured SASL authentication
  • Added user modes +gQw to be automatic inside server configuration in Hexchat
  • Set the enforce mode: /msg nickserv set enforce on
  • Requested a cloak by entering #libera-cloak and typing !cloakme

Really ?
Kkkkkkkkk, already using liberachat

Thanks, I’d already done most of these already, - for now I’m running both for a short period, but given the heavyhandedness on Freenode, I’d be inclined to close off Freenode eventually given major projects are switching over.

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From the comments. Fleenode seriously fucked Gentoo. EOS should definitely move. Didn’t know there was an IRC channel btw, I don’t think that’s even advertised on the website…


That has also happened to a large number of projects (including Arch and Ubuntu).

In one way, I can understand why - projects advertised they were moving to Libera, so Freenode disabled the channels. In another, it just comes across as incredibly petty and an abuse of trust.

It’s in an unofficial namespace (##endeavouros) as it’s not actually an official channel, just run by a team member.


Petty indeed. That would be like being kicked off the EOS forum for stating one also uses another distro. If you shop at my competitor’s, I won’t let you shop at my place kinda thing really…


I seem to remember that happening on other fora though… :thinking: