France Passes New Bill Allowing Police to Remotely Activate Cameras/microphones/localisation on Citizens' Phones


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Shoot, doesn’t the NSA/FBI do this already?

Will doing this sort of things be possible on “dumb” phones as well?

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The big difference, its the fact that cops can ask and get it pretty easily.

Will doing this sort of things be possible on “dumb” phones as well?

Good question. For me the next step is imposing backdoor (if its not already the case). Also they shutdown the 2G in 2025 and 3G 2028, so god now for how long they will last.

Its me or the Pinephone pro look sexier than ever? :smile:

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I’ve been thinking lately about Fairphone 4.
You can install Ubuntu Touch with support for Waydroid. So Linux + Andorid (FOSS) apps :thinking:

Look like a good solution. Totally forget about them. Shame that he don’t have the “Privacy hardware switches” like the pinephone.

Yes. That’s a minus.

I just relatively recently got a Pixel 6a. I also have a 4a. So I couldn’t talk me into getting a new phone.
If I were getting one, I would probably go with the Fairphone. Just because of the Android support. :blush:

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I’m guessing that you are using some custom rom ? :wink: The android support in case linux fail is a good thing for sure. Dual boot possible ?

Yes. Currently CalyxOS on both.

Not sure about that, Waydroid running in a container as “guest” I think.

Don’t think so.

If memory serves me right, Volla Phone can dual boot. I need to check it up though.

“Volla OS supports a pre-installed Multi Boot function” :exploding_head:

For exemple, i can’t configure my jbl headset since my android is too old so i’ve tried waydroid but bluetooth wasn’t supported haha. Would be nice to switch to plain android for this type of problem.

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smells like politics.