Fprint unlocking support

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My first post is here.

I moved from Manjaro to EndeavourOS with KDE plasma in this last days and wanna say that i am happy with that decision.
My Thinkpad laptop supports fprint unlocking feature. Is possible to enable on Endeavour?

Does it supports?

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I don’t have any fingerprint reader on my laptops. While waiting for those forum members who do have one, you might want to have a look at the following article and see if you could work it out by yourself:



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Thanks for welcome friends.

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i have done that a lot of times with this:
most easy way… also not very easy as it needs to do some manual setup on all the pam settings … but the gui app is very nice and easy to use.


You should also check out the battery charging parameters if your Thinkpad has it available. I have a t480s and have it setup to prolong battery life.

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can you please give me GUI version?

Yeah my laptop have it. It came with pre-installed windows OS and it was working there.

From tht link posted by @joekamprad - It was in the first line of installation:



thank u friend.