Forum Update Pending?

Whatever happened to the previously announced, planned forum-update, or upgrade?

I think the web-gui ist still very laggy, as compared to the old one server we had …before the migration to the new server, with much less traffic now than during the eruption of the grub-volcano we’ve been having just lately.

As of now this behavior still persists (i.e. post-edits aren’t updated in time, sometimes a whole page-refresh in browser is needed, especially when re-editing longer posts).

Just curious. Aside from the “pasted-image” issue (no img-box, when clicking), there’s not much, I’d complain about so far.

Also, not meaning to put any pressure on our dream-team @Bryanpwo & @dalto, but just curious.

Huh? I think it’s waaaay faster/more-snappy than before :man_shrugging:


I had something come up last weekend and it was delayed. It will have to wait until this weekend given my work schedule.

I did see a bit of slowness during the peak spike but it has been fine for me lately. Certainly faster than before the server upgrade.

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Hm. I can’t attest to this, clearly. Nothing’s changed from my end, and I have a fairly fast dsl-con (50k).
Question @dalto:
Did the server-location change in any way so that it might matter from here (Germany)?

No, the server is located in Berlin, like the one before.


Since the migration, I have been missing the feature of when clicking on images (like in the share your desktop thread) in posts that were uploaded to the forum, it would enlarge to a bigger picture when clicked. Is that feature disabled, ever coming back or is it gone now?

That is the primary reason why we are rebuilding the forum. Because of that feature not working.


No worries. I thought it was on my end with maybe a Firefox/Vivaldi extension, but I haven’t changed any of that in a good year or two, so figured it was maybe related to the migration going on. I’m happy to continue using the forums as is, but it’s encouraging to know it’ll be fixed in the future, thank you for your work.


As a work around,
Right click on the image, then click on

Open image in a new tab.

Then go to the new tab. Then click on the image.

Not as good as the way it used to be, but useful when trying to read the fine print.



Yup, this is what I have been doing, it’s just an extra step :stuck_out_tongue:

I already have an extension PhotoShow , so this issue doesn’t bother me :relieved:.