Forum Signature?

Is there an option in the user profile to set up a signature to apprise persons to the hardware someone is using?

I ask this only because of odd issues that may arise with certain hardware.
I know not many distros are not doing 32x support anymore, but other odd things tend to pop up on occasion such as the logout issue I just posted, and I’m also been trying to solve a usb marble mouse occasional disconnect issue that has seemed to follow me from the days of using windows.
I only thought to ask because if the need ever arose for such information if needed, it’s really nice to only have to type it in once…
However, haveing asked this, I also understand if there is a reason such an option is not already present, so I’m only asking.

Personally, I don’t like it when forums ask you a bunch of questions about your hardware to clutter your profile with.

  1. It’s nosy, and most of the time it is not relevant. And when it is relevant, it’s easy to include an inxi -Fxxxa --no-host in the post (I think newbies who ask for help should be encouraged to do so).
  2. I use four different computers on a daily basis (five, if counting my phone). They all have different hardware. Which one should I put in my forum profile?

I don’t know if it is relevant,but it used to be common to have signatures that included hardware info. Unfortunately, over time, it appeared that crawlers were using those signatures to point people searching for solutions to unrelated articles that only had a signature that matched up to the question! One good reason to skip 'em I fear…
I’ve seen that answers here are often equipped with “I’ve got” information when relevant, and inxi should handle most other cases I think. I also run on various systems, and a list would be unwieldy to say the least! from my sister’s old laptop to my latest build…it’s quite a range!


Yes, that’s also a good point: crawlers. I really don’t want to be spoonfed ads based on the hardware I use.

One of my computers has a Gigabyte motherboard and an Nvidia graphics card, both I’ve had problems with. If anything, I’d appreciate not seeing ads from Gigabyte and Nvidia, as the chance of me buying their hardware ever again is very, very slim.

Well, I use an ad blocker, but the point remains. :slight_smile:


Hadn’t even considered ads - as most of them are blocked fairly effectively here :grin: - but worth remembering they are always watching… (doo du doo du)


Those are good reasons, but I have to ask
is it possible to connect to a user just by knowing user@machine nomatter
where they are?
inxi -Fxxxa --no-host $ inxi -Fxxxa --no-host bash: inxi: command not found

although $ neofetch works nice for info if you leave out the user@machine part.
I only learned of neofetch yesterday, and just noticed under resolution, it gives me 3 resolutions indicating 3 monitors, but although it gives the gpu, it leaves out the gpu memroy, which could be relevant in some situations.

I was merely curious and suspected there was a reason for it, but at the same time thought it could be useful for people receiving help due to specific mobo’s and whatnot.


$ neofetch --off

turns off the graphic if anyone is curious for cut and paste reasons

On EndeavourOS you can install inxi with:

sudo pacman -S inxi

This does not work on vanilla Arch, but there you can find it in the AUR.

When it comes to the level of detail, inxi is a far, far superior tool to neofetch.

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I figured it was easy to install, thankyou I’ll try it out to see what it does,
I was just subtlety pointing out it wasn’t natively installed is all, no biggie




inxi -Fxxxaz --no-host

-z, for anonymizing inxi output for posting on forums or IRC


For future reference, any time you get a “command not found” error, run the following command, and it will tell you which package to install.

sudo pacman -Fy [name of command]

The only difference I notice between inxi -Fxxxa --no-host and inxi -Fxxxaz --no-host is that the <superuser/root required> tag is replaced by <filter> :smiley:

Also, I’ve seen people copy and paste their bash prompt, revealing their hostname, for example:

[jebediah@kspmainframe ~]$ inxi -Fxxxa --no-host


Also, to answer

Typically no. This is a necessary, but not a sufficient piece of information to know in order to remotely connect to someone’s computer.

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Also some serial numbers for the hardware plus mac address get filtered.

inxi -Fxxxa --no-host | grep filter
inxi -Fxxxaz --no-host | grep filter


It is possible to have a signature, but that would require admins to get involved and install said plug-in


If your inxi output reveals your MAC address, your machine could potentially be traceable.

Search the web for MAC address tracking.

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you do not have “About me” in profile settings?

you can put a link inside like this:


fwiw … I like signature blocks. I have a little standard ‘ditty’ with words of wisdom (or something like that)

Pax Vobiscum,