Forum page blanks out

It s happened twice today. Both times on different threads. It happens when I am scrolling with mouse wheel. I can use back button to get forum back. Not sure if it s my browser, or the webpage.

It’s never happened to me. Try disabling your add-ons to see if one of them is the cause of it?

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I agree. :slightly_smiling_face:
I was having a similar problem inside FireFox.
I disabled and uninstalled this one last week : (I was doing an experiment after having lagging issues with adblock plus.)

Installed µblock and the problem did not come back.

Not very scientific but hope this will help :wink:

Never had this happen either.

I’m going to try to reproduce it.
I’ll be back.

Ok, :microscope:
I wasn’t able to reproduce the same problem I had and the one the O.P. has.
Current versions:


( noticed AdGuard AdBlocker has updated today the 28. )


  1. I disabled and uninstalled my previous Extensions. Cleared history cache, etc.
  2. Installed this particular one I had problem with; similar as O.P.
  3. Did some test around with web pages:

Maybe a different combination of extensions, software versions, updates, etc were causing the anomaly.

I realize the number of differences between systems is great. Maybe difficult to reproduce easily.

I will now go back to my normal extensions.

Try a fresh profile.

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