Forum is super slow

Is it like this for everyone rn or just me? other sites are not slow.

Working fine for me.

Been great for me all morning.

interesting, maybe it’s because i’m in asia :thinking:

No issues for me.

Fast as ever. Even the NSA has had no complaints here this morning.
Sorry, likely a localized issue.


I’ve had days where it was doggy, but not today.

that’s odd, sometimes loading up the site takes like half a minute, opening up this reply menu took like 10 seconds, and when i post a comment it’ll take a long time before it goes through.

Hey, same. I thought it was just me. Loading the main page takes forever, a lot of time it will just straight up fail so I have to retry 17 times before it loads. :melting_face:

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Curious, you in asia too?

yesterday or day before posting replies were slow but like 3 to 4 sec. I’ve seen lag recently. But not like you are seeing it. i’m not in asia.

Yep, Southeast.

It has been very slow at times for me in Thailand. Sometimes it would take over a minute or two and sometimes three for the main page to even appear. I got really good at watching purple dots. When main page of the forum does appear, I get the notification saying “See 1 new or updated topic” at the top of the screen.

That tells me that while I could not see the forum’s homepage, I was connected to it while watching the purple dots do their thing.

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I’m in thailand too, i believe we might have a pattern, 3 users all in southeast asia.

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It looks that way.

What ISP are you on? I am on 3BB.

Fast here! :rocket:

3BB as well.


Yeah, i tried going to the site with a vpn, think it’s set to australia, it was fast even if i’m literally on the same connection, just going through a vpn.

Granted on my main connection the speed is ok now too (but still slower than the vpn funny enough)

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Right now, I am not having any issues. I did not try a VPN, don’t have one. Tonight, I did try DTAC mobile, via tethering my laptop, while a little faster, it was not by much.

I don’t really know how they host htis site, probably cloud servers right?

Maybe we’re just being connected to a really stressed cloud server when this happens?

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I do not know either. It seems to be working fine now.