Forgotten game

This is gonna be quite the possibly weird request.

I am in search of two games that are fairly old by now (by internet standards) a few years easily.

As to what games and why it came to this, i recently saw Potion Craft Simulator and it instantly reminded me of these two games, the artstyle is very similar to one of them, while the gameplay applies to both.

One of these games had this similar artstyle but with a little brighter color pallete, it was more about growing a specifics array of plants and gathering their bloom.

The second game was iirc about gazing at the stars and the sky, gathering what appears to be stardust.

I apologize for such little info, i dont remember much else about the.

Edit: a bit further info i can remember, these games should be around 6 to 7 years old

after hours of searching, i was finally successful, of course, my memory was playing a lot of tricks on me on how i remembered it, but these where the the two titles i was talking about, perhaps someone else will have as much fun with them as i had.


This really seems like the lamest attempt ever to increase your Solution counts, by marking your own replies as solutions to the threads you’ve posted. :roll_eyes:

At least make up a problem to solve…

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I am not aware of any contest, or even easy tracking for solutions - so I rather doubt that is the motivation here. A tad harsh on other’s motivations today?

I could see it if a local pond dried up, or was bulldozed, of course! :grin:

Thankfully, not. But all my friends are hibernating, so I have nobody to get into arguments with.

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Fair enough - as long as none of them has croaked, they will be back! At least they can withstand the freezing better than most of us!



I would happily get into an argument - but I seem to have an aversion to losing… sorry!


apologies if this seems like some kind of farming, i tend to ask for help in several places when i dont find my desired solution in time, this than sometimes lead to me still finding my own solution, thus having to mark it as solved.
Again, this is not intentional and i apologize it it comes of as such.

Don’t sweat it. We’ve already established there was a lack of non-hibernating friends on Kresimir’s part :slight_smile: all good

You have 11 solutions, and yet, you haven’t solved a single problem by someone else. There is no need to apologize, just an observation that it looks really lame. :man_shrugging:

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I do consider myself to be on the lame side, thank you. :wink:

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There’s no rule who can give the solution.
I think it is OK to mark a post as a solution when it is the solution.
And we are in the lounge here…

Automatic statistics are completely another thing. They are made by “robots”, and should be considered as such, no more, no less.

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