Forced update from kernel 5.15 LTS to 6.1 LTS

Last night, my system (EOS Openbox Community) updated the LTS kernel from version 5.15 to version 6.12, and because of this update, the RAM consumption increased by about 100 Megabytes.

I found the LTS kernel version 5.15, but now it is only available only in the AUR repo, that is, it needs to be compiled by YAY. My computer is very old, so this compilation takes about 7 hours!

Could someone tell me where I can find this kernel already compiled? Would it be possible for the EndeavorOS folks to make this compiled kernel available in their repository?

Thank you for your attention!

One of it bin packages would be your best bet.


AUR and Manjaro

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Is the 6.1 LTS update forced? I don’t think so.

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Nobody is forced to do an update, but when one updates pacman packages, all packages are updated, including linux-lts (new version) :person_shrugging: .


It already has been updated from 5.15 to 6.1. As noted, nothing is ever forced, but if someone updates, it will go to 6.1

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I don’t use an lts kernel so I’m not getting it unless i want to. But seeing now that it’s 6.1 i just might. :thinking:

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Downgrade from your cache?

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I said the same thing shorter. Emphasis on that part after the question mark.

I said because OP said it was forced. Which is not true. So, don’t know why you’re trying to explain it to me though. Or are you trying to explain it OP?


What about
sudo downgrade linux-lts
After this is done, just lock the package.


Locking the package, or telling pacman to ignore it, is not a good idea as that would put the system in a partial update scenario that will likely sooner than later cause issues.

If you lock the package, it might just become a problem, if you use proprietary drivers, which need to compile using a specific kernel.

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Is your ram that small that 100Mb matters?


Just and FYI: Your best bet is to downgrade as @Trekkie00 suggested and get it from your cache, or have downgrade pull it from arch for you. The bigger issue is that downgrading your kernel will put you in a partially updated state which isn’t supported. We all have to do it from time to time to keep our systems running while bugs get worked out, but if in the long run you can’t move to kernel 6.1X, for what ever reason, a rolling distro like EOS (and Arch by extension) might not be the best distro for you because packages are assumed to always be up to date. You can add to kernel to you ignore list (I think downgrade offers to do that for you), but at some point you system might break and updates may no longer be possible.

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@galvez_65 I almost agree with your words, however, we have many older kernels in the AUR repo, like Linux54, Linux510, Linux515, and even Linux419 Kernel version 4.19 !!). So, that indicates the presence of other people with similar needs I have.

The problem is that these older kernels are not offered in the pre-compiled format, forcing us to go through a process that takes 7 hours or more in older PCs.

Thank you, Root, for your idea. I checked it ou and, yes, Manjaro has lots of older kernels, however - confessing my ignorance - I don’t know how to add a Manjaro repo to EndeavourOS, and I also don’t know whether Arch (EOS) is compatible with Manjaro’s kernels.

@Lemon, I have 4 Gigabytes and, yes, it matters because I do my best to create a lightweight environment, so that I have RAM enough to open websites and do my job.

The Chaotic-AUR repo contains pre-compiled LTS kernels. Once the AUR adds the 5.15 LTS branch, I’m sure Chaotic will add it.


@ajgringo619 I’m taking a look at the Chaotic repo to see what it has.

I don’t get this though. The new kernel only increased the RAM usage by 100MB, but you do have 3.9GB of ram to spare. And you’re using Openbox which would take around 350MB of RAM. So the total is around 450MB. You still have 3646MB (3.6GB) of RAM left. Unless you’re opening a ton of tabs + a lot of installed plugins, I don’t know how a 100MB increase would slow down your workflow.

Trying to save 100MB you might end up with a none working system if the downgraded kernel messes things up. But it’s your system, I’m just saying.

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