For your pleasure, a small part of my review of Endeavor on another forum

So, i have a tendency to test out OS’s. I gravitate more towards the middle to advanced OS’s, but still like a nice installer. Thus I’m a huge fan of the various Arch installers. I can install Arch the Arch way, but consider it a waste of time. Why take 45 minutes to install something when it can take 10? So I wrote up a review of Endeavor there after having used it for a bit, and I thought you might enjoy this part of it:

SO FAR, in my limited testing since installing, this to me is everything Manjaro wants to be. A beautiful installer for Arch with a clean, uncluttered default install that’s just complete enough to offer usability without overwhelming you.


Where did you write it?
My search, I find otherwise almost everything :wink: , with your text or name remained without result.
Ok, I only searched for three minutes because it is not really important for me. :slight_smile:

Tiny little forum,

Not huge, not a bunch of people, but we regularly review whatever it is we’re trying out.


I could have looked for a long time at Manjaro :slight_smile: :rofl:

To save others from searching :wink:

Read it and got a giggle out of the replies. Funny.
I don’t know if it’s just me but after working on Arch-based distros for the past 2 years, everything else seems slow.

Other than with an older Fedora install, can’t say the same. I was using Neon, I use a lot of Debian, and I use a lot of Arch, and can’t really FEEL a speed difference between any of them. And even Fedora at install I can’t, but Fedora has in recent versions (29/30/31) seemed to suffer from Windows bloat that about the time a new version is getting ready to release it REALLY seems to get slower. But that’s really the only linux-based OS I’ve ever seen be noticeably slowr than another when running the same DE w/ more or less the same services installed and running.