For non-gaming setup, Nvidia or Nouveau?


I basically use my laptop for office stuff and music production. Nothing that makes use of any heavy graphic usage. Performance speaking, is there any reason for me to use the official Nvidia drivers?


What card it it?

GeForce MX150 4 GB GDDR5

I don’t game on my laptop, I also have the MX150, but I use the nvidia gpu with nvidia drivers because performance with intel/hybrid leaves lacking performance; windows stutter when opening/closing, animations can feel sluggish and slow. When I use just the nvidia gpu, things are smooth. Sure the fans run a bit more from time to time, but nothing slows down and my laptop is plugged in 100% off the time so I don’t have to worry about battery. I use envycontrol for switching my graphics between nvidia/intel/hybrid and I use the latest nvidia-dkms running 5.10.68 with nvidia-hook and nvidia-utils

I think this is an old card, not compatible with recent proprietary nvidia.

4GB is too much to through away and battling with 340 (or less?) may be stressing IMHO.
Certainly give nouveau a chance.
You didn’t say if it was dGPU or nvidia only laptop. Even with optimus, you can selectively use nvidia card (with nouveau) .
I use an old 390 card and nouveau allows me to use OBS and alacritty, while my Intel CPU is not capable enough.

I vote for nouveau!!

It’s a dGPU Intel and Nvidia.


I use a modified open source/nouveau prime-run script to run nouveau, instead of DRI_PRIME=1 <application>, which creates issues with .desktop files.
Here it is:

$ cat /usr/local/bin/prime-run
DRI_PRIME=1 "$@"

Start obs (firefox or other demanding app) with

prime-run obs

The latest proprietary nvidia drivers still support this card. Nvidia even says they still support it, so not sure where you got this claim from. Plus I have the exact same graphics card and I’m running the latest nvidia 5.10 drivers just fine.

It’s still supported FYI:

GeForce MX100 Series (Notebook):

GeForce MX150, GeForce MX130, GeForce MX110

Sorry, I did not search properly. I work right now (coding) :frowning_face:

Anyway, I prefer open source drivers, if I don’t need more power, or have issues, as OP asked, I guess :person_shrugging:
Not arguing with anything said.

I had a GT 1050 myself until about 2 years ago and the performance with nouveau was simply underground. Jerking, artifacts and permanent screen tearing. That only changed when I installed the NVIDIA driver and set it accordingly (non gaming!). I don’t know now which NVIDIA driver it was exactly, it’s been too long ago.

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