For Galileo Nova; use glibc-eac packages over Arch glibc?

Sounds like an odd request, and not sure if this even belongs in gaming but glibc 2.39-1 and whatever copy of lib32-glibc breaks use of certain EasyAntiCheat-equipped games.

I noticed you already have someone posting a PSA about it, but is there consideration for the next EndeavourOS release to compile and have the packages from glibc-eac repo available in endeavouros repo and default in new installations? It takes a considerably long time to build and for some the broken EAC thing might be a bridge too far for prospective users looking at EndeavourOS as an option, and you would be able to get the jump on Manjaro before they consider doing this for their distribution.

My personal feeling is that we shouldn’t be maintaining custom versions of glibc.

Even if we did, we definitely shouldn’t be shipping them by default.


why put effort in something that will be fixed anyway?
EAC is only useful in online games, and they need to be maintained/updated or they are already dead. EAC has to fix their stuff, game devs include it in their next update and after that it will work again.

let them waste their time

In the official Gitlab issue they mention it’s better to use the Steam flatpak and the same for many Reddit posts you come across.

I’m still using the native version but I don’t play any online games that require EAC.

Seems someone created a PKGBUILD fix in the AUR.

It looks like Elden Ring requires it, let me install that and see what happens.