Font recommendations

I have a few font recommendations; “terminal fonts” (aka monospaced fonts with high readability).
All of these are either in the repos or in the AUR:

  • Fira Code / Fira Mono (Basically the same font but Fira Code has ligatures)
  • Jetbrains Mono
  • Share Tech Mono

My recommendation is Iosevka and especially their term font.


Those, and:

  • Adobe Source Code Pro
  • IBM Plex Mono

Noteworthy mentions:

  • Noto Sans Mono
  • Droid Sans Mono

And for retro:


I’m using jetbrains myself at the moment, but prior to that I was using cascadia code and before that noto sans mono was a goto for me.

I like Hack for terminal, I always use that. Also in any graphical text editor.

But if you’re really adventurous, try otf-kaerukaeru :rofl:

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That font does not seem to exist or be updated anymore.

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That’s probably for the best :smiley: I’d stick with Hack.

EDIT: kaerukaeru works for me:

I approve. Iosevka is great if you want narrow monospaced font. For “wider” font I prefer terminus - especially in tty.
I even switched Firefox to Iosevka:size=16 and although it looked odd at the beginning I find the text easier to read - I was probably fed up by Noto fonts. Some pages have problem with the font but nothing too severe.

It’s like Comic Sans but worse. :crazy_face:

Never tried to install it, but couldnt find any references to it outside the repos. The designer’s own link doesn’t work, for example.

This is the new website:

Note, I’m not seriously suggesting you’re using this as a terminal font :slight_smile: It’s not even monospaced.

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I approve of this as well :smile:
Mine is set to 11 pixels though.


You must have very good eyes. :star_struck:

edit: oh right, I have size 12. Little bit confused by firefox setting :sweat_smile:

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