Folding@home helps fighting against Covid-19

@Bryanpwo, this is a good time and reasonable way of helping in these times fighting the virus.
As far as I now, the EOS folding team doesn’t exist, why not create it?
More, the vast majority of EOS users are tech savvy , so installing it and running folding@home should not be a problem. And anyway, the computers are running, so why waste unused computational cycles?
Today I am scheduled to bring my computers back online and start the folding. Currently I am on guru3D team.
TL:DR Suggestion to create the EOS folding@home team and help against Covid-19.

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I’ve looked into this and although the cause is very good, the info on the purpose of creating a team is vague.
Besides the fact that we could shout around the world that we support this excellent cause, I don’t see the added value on creating a team.

From what I understand is that the organization is using your unused CPU and GPU power to help them make the necessary calculations for various diseases.

Perhaps I’m wrong in my way of thinking, but wouldn’t it be more efficient to join a team with a larger audience, for instance, the various Gaming communities, to help this organization? The active Endeavour community isn’t that large.

My theory could be completely wrong here, so maybe you or other community members can convince me of creating this team?


@Bryanpwo, it’s not necessary to create a team.
I am currently under Guru3D team, a dutch team. :wink:
So, whatever decision is taken.

@Bryanpwo the ideea of creating the team could potentially give more exposure to the EOS project.
And I really here the word exposure, but it’s the best I could find right now. Could put us as a engaged team with what we know best, Linux and computing. What the point of having the cutting edge OS if we are NOT putting to good use?
Can you see that? We strive to achieve the best tweaks of out computers, and we use for a few things. World situation could have our use, as a team or dispersed.
I repeat, it’s a long term decision and there are benefits, the only thing it cost is electricity, but that we already consume.

Here is an ancient post from some idiot on the Arch Linux Folding Team.



Yes, what bring to the table that post?
I wanted to raise awareness for this project amid these times. To help, to voluntary DO something useful for all of us.
All right, I’ll keep folding for my team and call it a day.

I don’t think @pudge meant it as being harsh.
I am still considering your last post, but the situation over here in The Netherlands took a drastic turn, so I was merely following the news over here. :wink:

Neither I considered as harsh or otherwise. far from it. Just moving on, keeping me busy configuring the f@h client.

Sorry if I came off as harsh. I was not trying to be harsh at all. In fact, I was trying to back @Anticupidon up.

I was just trying to point out that since 09/06/2004 I have been a long time promoter of F@H.
Folded for Team Sudhian Media starting 09/06/2004. Then as stated in the linked post, on 03/08/2006 I started folding for the Arch Linux team. Between them I had 60,542,861 points, and that’s back when points were harder to come by.

The only reason I quit folding is retirement. I couldn’t afford the hardware and the electric bills. At the end, I was running 4 computers each running a CPU client, and each running a Nvidia GPU card running GPU clients. So I estimated my monthly electric bill for folding was about $60.


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I think an EndeavourOS f@h team is a great idea, it doesn’t have to be a huge team to be a valuable contributor to science. I started folding in late 2002, spent most of my time with Team 32. I retired from working in 2012 and from folding as well, for the same reasons as @Pudge . I just recently started again, bought a gtx 1080ti for video editing, but of course it “had to” fold if it’s going to be in my computer. :wink:

Been folding for Arch since the beginning of the year, Linux Mint (F@H) and IBM (BOINC) prior to that. I’m all for an EOS team.

For those interested in Folding@Home there’s a simple way to install the FAHcontrol app and FAHclient: