Folding@home getting the GPU working?

Ok got folding@home installed, and running, followed procedure on the ARCH wiki (yay Arch Wiki).
Currently, it crunches well on my CPU, but GPU is disabled.
I get this error in the log file

No CUDA or OpenCL 1.2+ support detected for GPU slot gpu:10:0 Navi 10

I’ve got a radeon 5600, I’m using the Kernel built in driver support,

I tried doing some searching around, and it seems like using the official proprietary AMDGPU pro drivers might fix this.

I was hoping someone might be able to confirm if this is the case, and also discuss a bit because I’m horrified of messing up my currently working DXVK/Wine gaming.

why you need folding@home ?

mayby is here some answers ?

but i prefer use amdgpu itself not the pro is all kinda experimentation , make sure you have something beside when you set the step…

It’s been a while since I last used FAH, but back then Navi10 was either not fully supported or there weren’t any workqueues.

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