Folder sharing between Endeavour and Windows10 VM

I somewhat successfully set up my Linux (host) and Windows 10 (VM). I didn’t want to give Windows too much storage space, just enough to fit one game. What do ppl do with windows anyway other than game, right?

Now that my GPU is passed through to my VM, my gaming performance in Linux is awful with the integrated grahics. I’d like to share my game folder from Linux to Windows, so that I can do all my gaming in the VM. What would be the best option?

using virtualmachine ?

I sometimes update the BIOS of my laptop with Windows, since that’s the only way for some machines…
But other than that I do nothing with Windows.

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So, what exactly would you like to do?
Do you simply want to have more space in the Windows VM?

If you are using VirtualBox, check from VirtualBox site documentation on how you can increase the size of the VM disk. I think program VBoxManage is your friend, but there’s lot to learn.

Luckily my motherboard has the option to update via internet or USB. Windows is only good for games. And it’s not really that good for it considering proton runs many games better than windows. Linux is the future.

Increasing the size of my VM is not an option. I want to access my Game folder (located in Linux /home/user/games/) inside my windows VM.

Those games should run in windows too, since I used to play them with Lutris/Wine. Just need to access them somehow.

Using virt-manager to run Windows.

Sorry, I can’t really help you since I have never used virt-manager so I know nothing about it.
Hopefully someone here knows more about it.
And I guess you might find useful info from Arch pages or some search service.

I have a Windows machine that I only use once a year. In the middle of February, I fire up the windows machine, and do a year’s worth of updates. As it’s not available for Linux, I install the current year’s version of Intuit TurboTax. I then do my Federal and State income taxes. Once the forms are E-delivered, I put the Windows machine away for another year. I have no other use for Windows.