Fn Key not registering

Hi, everyone. I’m new to the bspwm edition of endeavourOS, and i seem to have this issue where my Fn+F1/2/3/… combination keys aren’t registering. After running xev, i found out that my Fn key is not registering. With my limited knowledge, I don’t know if an Fn key should have a keycode or not, but it does not register anything when i just press the Fn code.

I have seen solutions for other editions of EOS (such as i3, xfce, plasma), but have yet to find a similar one to mine which uses a BSPWM edition.

My laptop is Asus Vivobook Slate 13 OLED, and i set up my EOS to use the generic 105 key layout

what should i do?

Fn keys are hardwired in the bios and not detectable, though you may have luck trying the names of the functions of the keys. I don’t have bspwm installed any more, but in sway:

bindsym XF86MonBrightnessUp exec brightnessctl -c backlight set +5%
bindsym XF86MonBrightnessDown exec brightnessctl -c backlight set 5%-

is Fn+F5 & Fn+F6 for me.

xmodmap -pke
shows all the keycodes
So as an example
xmodmap -pke | grep F2
shows the code of F2
You can write either F2 or XF86Switch_VT_2 into ~/.config/sxhkd/sxhkdrc
super + Esc activates the changes
(This Fn thing can be set in BIOS whether F2 or XF86AudioLowerVolume is the default. IMHO)

xev | sed -n 's/[ ]*state.* \([^ ]*\)).*/\1/p'

Shows in human friendly form the ‘names’ of the pressed keys