Flow of packages/upgrades using bbswitch as an example

Got a question for the experts amongst us. It’s a general question but I’d like to use the bbswitch update which just arrived as an example.

So here it goes:
I am one of the unfortunate users of Bumblebee/bbswitch because my laptop has got Intel + nVidia and I am running a dual monitor setup. Took me a few days of reading/testing/configuring to get to a reasonably stable situation where both of my monitors work. But it has it’s issues.

So I was glad to see that just now an update for one of the components involved, bbswitch 0.8-259, gets offered. So I thought before installing, let’s check out what changed. Went to look for the package destination in the Arch repositories https://www.archlinux.org/packages/community/x86_64/bbswitch/ and from there I went to the projects github page https://github.com/Bumblebee-Project/bbswitch

But Github hasn’t been updated for 6+ years which I find hard to believe and in any case, where is the 0.8-259 update coming from?

And in more general terms, what is the best way to do a quick check on the regular updates so I can know what to expect? Bug fixes, new features, etc.)


Arch updates on this are only rebuilding it against new kernel versions. The dev on GitHub do not develop it, they do only bugfixing. I do remember some discussion about this some years ago… they state that it is working and will work as it is. So it will work till something will brake it or replace it.

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Ah, interesting. So the -259 is really just a counter which gets increased as the source gets compiled against new kernels?

simple versioning numbers …

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