Floating Windows in Qtile

I have been using Qtile for several months now and love it. 90% of the time or more I’m of course using tiled windows. My question is, when floating windows are used, is there a way to configure them like “normal” floating windows. In other words, have them display a title bar that you can freely drag them with (without the mod key) and grab a corner to resize them, just like floating DEs windows work. Certainly not a biggie but that would be an awesome capability for those times I do want a floating window.

Qtile doesn’t seem to have the best floating mode, but awesome has a great floating mode, but I’m not a big fan of that window manager’s flow

I don’t believe this is possible and from what it sounds like there’s not much interest in implementing decorations https://github.com/qtile/qtile/issues/1699

If you have a multibutton mouse you could map one of the extra buttons (depending how many extra you have) to move and/or resize https://www.reddit.com/r/qtile/comments/tf1rvn/top_bar_on_floating_layout/