Flickering issue with nvidia/Breeze theme?

My first post here :), well i had to reinstall EOS this morning after a SSD upgrade and i noticed this behavior in plasma where the active window is slightly darker than the inactive one, and cycling between active and inactive windows causes the windows to flicker a bit, i never noticed this before and wondering if its a bug in the theme or a GPU issue. Iam using the latest gpu driver from the repo’s and apart from this one glitch everything else is good. also, i tried disabling flipping, played around with vsync etc and nothing seems to work. thanks for any advice!


Wayland or X? I get some visual distortions on wayland, but it is improving over time.

on X, i tried Debian testing on the same machine and it looks fine, i’ll see if an update fixes it.

I have a Radeon, using X and it happens to me, too. I can’t even figure out why it does it. It probably wouldn’t bother me if the titlebar and the menubar/toolbar changed colors at the same time, but they don’t. Happens way faster on your machine. Super noticeable on mine.