Flatpak update issue and workaround

Just in case it was not reported yet: since the last update of the package “ostree” (in the extra repository) it is not possible to update Flatpak applications (at least most of them). The already installed apps are working OK.
The workaround is to downgrade the package ostree from version 2023.4.2 (the last one) to version 2023.3.1, and the update is working again.
According to some posts in Internet, Fedora is aware of the issue and working on it.

This should have been the version fixing the issue. The troublesome version was 2023.4-1.

On my end:

pacman -Qi ostree
Name            : ostree
Version         : 2023.4-2
Description     : Operating system and container binary deployment and upgrades

And I just had some flatpak updates that went fine:

        ID                                             Branch            Op           Remote            Download
 1. [✓] org.freedesktop.Platform.GL.default            21.08             u            flathub           23.8 MB / 129.8 MB
 2. [✓] org.freedesktop.Platform.Locale                21.08             u            flathub           17.7 kB / 326.8 MB
 3. [✓] org.gnome.Platform.Locale                      44                u            flathub           17.7 kB / 340.5 MB
 4. [✓] org.gnome.Platform                             44                u            flathub           86.1 MB / 326.0 MB
 5. [✓] org.freedesktop.Platform                       21.08             u            flathub           31.9 MB / 202.3 MB

See: Ostree 23.4.1 breaks flatpak installs and updates; fixed in 23.4-2 in extra-testing

Yep, seems you are right :+1:
(And it’s already in the extra repository)


I applied the ostree update 2023.4-2 and indeed I can see flatpak updates and they now install. But then I also noticed this error in the logs:

Jun 26 06:54:33 mani (sd-execu[250]: /usr/lib/systemd/system-generators/ostree-system-generator failed with exit status 1.

Thanks for posting about this.
I’m seeing the same in my log as well.
Don’t know really what the issue is.
Updating and installing flatpaks seems to be working.
I’m not seeing any issues reported on ostree’s github page.
Have you found out some more about it?

I usually read my logs after every boot.
It’s there from the last 2 updates of ostree

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FWIW I wasn’t able to update flatpak late yesterday either on Fedora - I think it was legitimately a flatpak issue.

It seems to be working now.

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I agree. The ostree package 2023.4-1 which I believe I saw Sunday is when I started seeing the error message.

Like @pierrep56 mentioned, the issue seemed to be reported by Fedora users first. In the Arch case there was no visible error when trying to run:

flatpak update --verbose

So I would hazzard to say that it did not report it had a problem as a bug as well. I expect proper error handling, as the way it was present you would not know you had an update problem.

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