Flashing and display errors in Win11 VM

Hey guys, I’ve been having an issue with my Win11 VM and I’m unfortunately a bit stumped where to look for solutions.

I’m a junior .NET dev and want to set up a VM so I can actually use Visual Studio and have Windows available for testing. I set up the VM in VirtualBox and it works quite well actually, but when I launch some programs or use some features the window specific for that (not the whole screen) starts to flicker.
For example when I use the search function the window for the search will flicker a lot and be unresponsive for clicking, however it can be kind of controlled with keyboard inputs and search results will still show.

I’ve had some weird issues with hardware acceleration in the past when I was still on Windows 10, so I’m guessing it’s something along those lines.

Anyway, I just want a stable environment for development and would greatly appreciate any suggestions what I might try to fix the VM or other solutions for developing .NET with VS.

Here’s my hardware info: http://ix.io/4FGP

Thank you! :slight_smile:

You might try to increase video memory to 256mb and disable 3D acceleration in virtualbox.I had issues with flickering and and that solved the issue with me on win10 and on another vm with win11.My linux installed vm’s don’t have this issue so I’m guessing it’s something in win not working right or with vbox running win.

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Well, that was a surprisingly easy fix. I thought I already tried that but it seems like I didn’t! :smiley:


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