Fixing default apps / mime apps

Is there a file I can edit or command to run to tweak default apps system wide? I’m using KDE. Somehow tixati & pamac have made themselves the default on nearly all my file associations:

Yea, unfortunately it’s greyed out.

My fault that’s not what it’s for

Right click on a file, properties, file type associations.

Edit the application preference order.

If an application like Firefox doesn’t respect these settings (ie images opened with Krita not gwenview) right click on the file, open with … other application, select the correct application and check remember application association.

That only does it for 1 file type at a time, I want to edit all of my file associations because the ones I haven’t touched yet all have tixati & pamac as their handlers.

Is there any way to delete all config i.e. removing a file or directory that will reset every file association to default ?

If I understand the question, in KDE, you can reset by going to System Settings > Personalization/Applications > File Associations. There is a reset button to return all changes to default. Perhaps I’m missing something by being late to the discussion… if so, apologies.

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There isn’t . Other settings have a Defaults Button ( Default applications , Locations ) . Don’t know why there isn’t one for file associations . If we know where these settings are stored ( which file ) we could delete this and it will get rebuild with correct file-application associations ( hope so ) .

The file ~/.congif/mimeapps.list contains all user mime associated settings, that may help some.

There is also /usr/share/applications/mimeinfo.cache which I think (?) is the default location for system mime associations. Not sure you should be manually messing with that file though.

More info …

Another possible resource:

Appreciate the input, however my ~/.config/mimeapps.list only contains new associations I’ve made with previously unseen filetypes and /usr/share/applications/mimeinfo.cache doesn’t correspond with the list that I’m seeing in Settings>Applications>File Types.

Where the hell is KDE pulling the list in system settings from?