FIxed? - RX 7800 XT issues after updating to kernel 6.7

I just updated to the 6.7.5 kernel from the testing repositories, and it appears that the patch for the amdgpu and drm issue has been included. i am able to reboot at will without any hanging or other issues.

Tagging a few members who I think might be interested in this: @jSQrD @DevilFish303 and @anon64645096


thanks for the update! i accidentally closed the last post when i marked the response recommending to switch to LTS as the answer haha, i figured it would eventually be merged in. I checked as well, and after rebooting multiple times it seems to work as before

That’s interesting, I have the RX 6700XT and don’t have this issue. I wonder what’s different here. My experience on an all-AMD build has been, frankly, flawless.