[fixed] lsb-release should set the distro codename

just had a nice discussion with folks on Telegram, talking about how lsb_release on EOS doesn’t set the lsb codename, which breaks some automation and other tools. per the lsb docs, codename should get set:

-c, --codename     

displays codename according to distribution release. The output is a single line of text of the following format.


something like “rolling”, or the timestamp of the last pacman update, should be sufficient to keep this from breaking things.

linked from here:

lsb_release -a
LSB Version:	1.4
Distributor ID:	EndeavourOS
Description:	EndeavourOS Linux
Release:	rolling
Codename:	n/a

so it looks legit to me to add a codename…

i was wondering why arch is still using version 1.4 ?

we do this with a hook:


i do commit this.

and will start merging but i need to wait for @manuel to confirm.

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After a brief look, LGTM. :+1:

I think ideally lsb-release would be an EnOS-specific package then you don’t need to worry about hooks for this, but that’s difficult when directly using the Arch repos (unless the EnOS repo is included as a higher priority than the Arch repos in pacman.conf).

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Merged and released.

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While I always found it a bit undignified to use a pacman hook to run a sed command that replaces “Arch Linux” with “EndeavourOS” every time lsb-release is updated, I think this is the simplest solution which works very reliably. KISS is a good philosophy to follow.

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We were trying and thinking about the most simple solution, and the hook wins…
Also, we have some other hooks running bundled as eos-hooks so not something we need to maintain on top of other stuff.


i would say “unterwürfig” :beers:

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Yeah ! It works ! :smiley:

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“rolling rolling rolling!”