First time on EOS on the main gaming rig!

Hello friends! This is more of an appreciation post for the EOS team. I installed on my gaming machine (win 11 until tonight!) and everything just, works? I never had this level of ease with a distro before, having spent the better part of a month on PopOS!, and that caused me lots of issues with performance, flickering, crashing etc.

Pretty much all I do on my personal machines is game, consume media, and talk to friends. I was on the fence for a long time as to dive into EOS / Arch mainly due to worrying about system maintenance, breaking something, or arguably something that i did use, not working. But so far, that cant be further from the truth, everything works and works well. My OLED 240hz monitor looks just as good as windows, all my peripherals work OOTB, including my wooting. The only hiccup Ive found was that my ps5 controller didn’t work with Elden ring, but I think that’s more of a steam issue as the OS controller software picked it up no problem.

So yeah, here we are, lets see how long it takes for me to break it haha.

Here is a pic of my rig for all who are interested


…keep up with the software news (selection present in EOS Welcome app) to stay ahead of infrequent OS breakdowns.

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