First Install and observations!

I installed Endeavour online using the Cinnamon desktop envirornment. No difficulties encountered with install.

After install notice Timeshift was not installed as a new package for backup. When installed and ran, Crontab was not running. I installed Cronie and all is good. So Cronie should be installed on installations.

Number Lock was very frustrating for me, so I ran command to make numbelock fault to yes. This should be an option.

I install Stacer. As a good cleanup package, it should be installed on installations.

I installed a file in my home directory, called .bash_aliases to write Aliases. I call the Aliases from the .bashrc file. Makes it more obvious where the Aliases are and easy to locate and change or add Aliases.

The Monitor CPU program (s-tui) was not shown in the menu. So I set one up to run in terminal from the menu.

Finally, Neofetch delivers an ugly view of the system. The Endeavour image is not there.

Will now follow up on anything else. Obviously these are my opinions.

Just my opinion, but cron support shouldn’t be shipped by default on Linux installations in 2020. Most of what was once done in the cron has moved to systemd timers at this point.

If you are not familiar with Arch packaging, it is worth noting that when you install packages, such as timeshift, you can take a look at the optional dependencies to see what else might be required for full functionality. In general, Arch packaging tends to favor minimalism over a full feature set.


Thank you @Roland for your observations and thank you for giving us a try.

It is our philosophy to deliver a system that is ready to customize to your own needs, this vision of the perfect set-up varies from person to person.
That’s why we don’t ship our install with a lot of pre-installed and pre-configured packages, we leave that up to the users’ own taste and liking.

EndeavourOS is an almost blank canvas, ready for some elbow grease, hence the name. :wink:


I just erased my KDE partition and installed the fresh ISO with KDE to check out the improvements with the installer and how everything went

Everything positive so far. It was a good idea to show the processes while installing

One thing I noticed is that there is a massive improvement for me in the pacman mirror speed. I installed decent sized programs in a few seconds. Good job on that