Firmware updates in Linux - fwupd and firmware-manager

Quick tip; maybe something to write an article about?
(Disclaimer: I don’t know if fwupd is installed by default since I unchecked a LOT and it was a while ago…)

Do you want to update / check for updates for your hardware in Linux? Install fwupd.

sudo pacman -S fwupd

This is a simple CLI tool for checking and updating firmware in Linux.
Now, to run it I am going to me lazy and link to the wiki:

Now if you don’t run Gnome* or Plasma* you might want a GUI for this? Then install firmware-manager from the AUR.

yay -S firmware-manager

Be adviced that it takes a long time to compile first time since it pulls down Rust, which is… heavy.
Also, when you run it the first time it won’t find anything (and might even give an error). You have to open a terminal and type

fwupdmgr refresh

even if you after that intend to use the GUI.

*fwupd works with Gnome Software, KDE Discover and Gnome Firmware (that can be downloaded with pacman:

sudo pacman -S gnome-firmware

Can’t find firmware-update from AUR…

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My bad. I had a brainfart: It’s called firmware-manager. I fixed my post above.

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Its description says:

Generic framework and GTK UI for firmware updates from system76-firmware and fwupd

So it works with other hardware than system76 as well?

Yes, that’s what fwupd is for (and why you have to run the refresh command; it imports a database of supported firmware) as well as handling the update process if you run CLI. Most major manufacturers are in there.

Except VirtualBox… :crazy_face: :wink:

Just joking, I guess VirtualBox has no firmware to update.

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Well if you’re running a pretend computer just upgrade your pretend hardware with your pretend firmware. :crazy_face: :upside_down_face:

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You mean BIOS included ? :blush:

Check the wiki link :slight_smile:

very interesting, unfortunately my t440p is not supported :pensive:

@Beardedgeek72 Thank you for this, I will make an article on it, in your credit. :wink: